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Quality Value Chain is one of the most critical aspects of an organization – from the perspective of its operations & profitability to customer loyalty & brand. Management of quality across the value chain of the product design and manufacturing is one of the key challenges that organization face. Quality function consisting of quality supervisors, inspectors, engineers, auditors, managers and other senior personnel such as VP and Directors. Thousands of professionals are engaged across organizations in the Quality Management function – and play a critical role in the product manufacturing process.

One of the critical aspects of the quality function is the need for constant manning – this is one of those positions where non availability of the assigned resources can lead to havoc and losses for the organization. It therefore becomes important for organizations to ensure that there is constant and continuous manning of these positions. It is in this context that the need to have resources, identified and deployed in a timely manner becomes mission critical to organization.

Ref-Re is a specialized platform that is created to bring together quality professionals, across levels and organizations where they can view and access the various opportunities in different business entities. While job portals allow for Searching and Applying for positions, the uniqueness of Ref-Re is that it allows not only for the individual to search for positions but also him/her to refer these to his or her friends in the quality echo system. The professional chain of reference, so created, will help organizations to fill their positions much more speedier and with better professionals.
Being a part of Trigo, Ref-Re brings to table the credentials of the largest Quality Outsourcing firm in the world with marquee clients. You, as a Quality Professionals will be able to access, apply and/or refer 100’s of positions in various clients that Trigo serves in India as well as across the globe.

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